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Microfilm & Microfiche Conversion Services

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Large Format Scanning     |     Student Records Scanning     |     Medical Records Scanning     |     Human Resc. Scanning

Invoice Scanning     |     Book Scanning     |     Back-File Scanning

Whether you need to convert from microfilm or microfiche, aDigital Solutions is the answer for you. Our wide variety of microfilm and microfiche services makes us unique in the document conversion industry.

We have over 15 years’ experience converting microfilm and our experienced staff has worked with all microfilm formats, including 16MM, 35 MM, and rotary film.

Why Convert Microfilm or Microfiche Documents to Digital?

  • Quick and easy retrieval – No more wasting time searching through rolls to find the images you are looking for.

  • Reduce Costs – Save money! No need to pay for climate control storage or maintenance of out dated technology.

  • Easily share your data – Quickly access your images and share directly from your computer.

  • Reduce security risks – Your electronic documents have the ability to be protected by passwords, user restrictions, as well as audit trails. Never worry again!

  • No lost or damaged documents – Natural disaster? No problem. Your electronic documents have the ability to be backed up and easily restored.

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