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Save time, money, and improve invoice processing times…

aDigital Solutions provides a full range of services for companies looking to reduce the time required to process their paper records. We provide high quality low cost document conversion and document scanning services to our clients.


Benefits of our Invoice Scanning Services

Our invoice scanning services are one of the unique costs and time saving services that aDigital Solutions offers to our clients. The following are some additional benefits of document scanning in-sourcing:

  • Improve Document Control – All Invoices go to a central processing center – No more lost invoices

  • A central repository for all invoices simplifies the storage and retrieval of all invoices

  • Invoices are now accessible by all AP staff simultaneously

  • No more lost or misplaced invoices

  • No need to manage a scanning and indexing staff

  • Eliminates the need for expensive hardware and software

  • Scanning and indexing done by a professional document conversion company

  • No wasted labor and facility costs – You only pay for the work that is done, all billing based on the actual number of invoices processed

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