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Unlock your paper burdened workflows and move toward a paperless office


aDigital Solutions has been performing document imaging and file conversion services since 2001. Our clients include Law Firms, Government Agencies, Hospitals, Doctor’s Offices, Insurance Companies, Pharmacutacal, Manufacturing and services companies, and not-for-profit entities.

  • We convert MILLIONS of paper records annually.

  • AFFORDABLE scanning services starting at $.06 PER PAGE!

  • RUSH JOBS - 24 Hour Turn-Around available.

  • STANDARD File Types Supported (PDF, TIFF, JPG)

  • Black and White, Color and Grayscale Scanning

  • Interface with leading Records Management Software

  • User Friendly Search and View Software at NO EXTRA COST.

  • Pick Up and Delivery Services

  • Secure Records Destruction Services

  • WEB HOSTING Services

As an experienced solutions provider of records management systems and services, aDigital Solutions has developed a reputation for reliability and dependability in meeting short deadlines and providing top quality services to our clients throughout Florida. We have developed “best practice” workflow and quality control measures now prevalent in our industry.

Our primary focus in the service bureau is the conversion of standard paper and large-format drawings to digital images. Because of our extensive work within the service bureau division, we are uniquely qualified to provide both the services and systems required offering a breadth of knowledge not possessed by companies focused mostly on software installations.

Pricing Considerations

Document Imaging Services are priced on a per image basis. A 15” file box contains approximately 2,000 images costing $80 to convert. This price could be higher or lower depending on volume and complexity.

We offer QUALITY LOW COST conversion services due to many factors.

  • Extensive Industry Experience (over a decade of service converting millions of images)

  • High Volume Production Scanners (Fujitsu and Kodak Partners)

  • Leading Software Technologies (Kodak and Ipro Software capture products)


What’s included in our price?

  • Document Preparation: Staple Removal, Document Repair, Raised Notary Seals

  • Record Conversion: 200-300 DPI scanning to TIFF or PDF format / Image Enhancement.

  • Indexing: Best Practices and Industry Standards Utilized

  • Review Services: 100% Verification of Image Quality, Indexing and File/Page counts.


Our invoices typically contain only three line items:

  1. Document Conversion

  2. Pick-Up / Redelivery

  3. CD-Rom / DVD Media discs



Record Pick-Up and Redelivery​

Our drivers pick up and deliver records statewide based on customer timelines. Pick-up and delivery schedules are typically flexible and forever changing based on client demands. For large conversion projects, we typically slate monthly or bi-weekly record pick-ups in batches of 50 – 100 boxes. Emergency pick-up or redeliveries are easily arranged.

Our cargo vans hold up to 135 boxes. We can provide boxes or containers for irregular documents and packing services.

  • aDigital Solutions Vans Identified Through Appropriate Lettering

  • aDigital Solutions Drivers Identified Through Company Uniform & Name Badge

  • 3/4 Ton Cargo Vans

  • Vans Equipped with Functioning and Inspected Fire Extinguisher

  • Immediate Unload & Inventory Check at Point of Pick-Up and Re-Delivery

  • Drivers with the Company for Five Years or More


Turn-Around Time

Because we run three shifts of production, we offer expedited services usually at NO EXTRA COST. For larger projects, however, weekly, bi-weekly and monthly turnaround can be scheduled based on your project timelines. Our goal is to convert your records as quickly as possible so that you never without your hard copy assets.

Records Requests. We maintain a request email address that routes to six different employees. Most files are emailed to clients within minutes of a request. We offer this service at NO EXTRA COST. Regardless, we don’t offer voicemail, but people resources instead. Our facility is open around the clock and customers can always speak to an aDigital Solutions employee without delay.

Quality Control Measures

  • 24 Hour Security

  • 24 Hour Video Surveillance

  • Fire and Smoke Detection Devices in Every Room

  • City Fire Department Across the Street from our Facility – 2 Minute Deployment

  • Three Shifts of Employees – Very Little Downtime

  • 100% Employee Background Checks

  • Drug Free Workplace

  • HIPPA Training and Certification


Technical Considerations

File Types
Most records are converted to PDF or TIFF format while some engineering applications prefer a JPG file. File types may vary by industry and department, but the general industry trend is to convert to a standard PDF or searchable PDF file.

  • Commercial, Medical and Legal Records (PDF)

  • Government Records (TIFF)

  • Engineering Records (JPG)


Index Schemes 
Index schemes vary based on the current manual filing system, the electronic management document type standards and search requirements of end users. After a decade of records conversion experience, we can quickly define indexing schemes and folder structures conducive to your working and electronic environment. Files can be sorted numerically, alphabetically, by file name, file date or any field desired.

Index streams can be exported based on technical requirement of other systems so that your records easily import into existing Document Management Systems.

File Naming Considerations
File names should be considered at project inception. A file name should never be repeated thus avoiding replication conflicts. Typical file names include a month and year reference along with a basic descriptor. We can determine file names based on our experience or accommodate specific naming conventions required by your technical staff or software.

Scanning Resolutions
We offer scanning resolutions starting from 200 DPI (dots per inch) to 1,200 DPI. The industry standard is between 200 and 300. Historical records and those requiring detailed search capabilities will often be scanned at higher resolutions. Because higher resolutions lead to significantly larger file sizes, we typically project an estimate of total file size, by project, to ensure our customers have sufficient hard drive or network storage space. File retrieval times are also decreased by larger file sizes and should be considered at project inception.

Black & White / Bitonal Scanning
We operate high-speed production scanners with advanced optic systems. In tandem, we utilize leading capture software such as Kodak’s Perfect Page and OpenText document imaging software products. Our goal is to provide our customers with the best image quality possible through our advanced technology.

Color & Grayscale Options
We offer advanced color and grayscale scanning for detailed and critical documents.

  • Color Scanning - Photographs, Maps, Charts, Highlighted Documents, Permanent Records

  • Grayscale Scanning - Photographs, Aerial Maps, X-Rays and Certain Medical Records


Optical Character Recognition
We perform optical character recognition (OCR) at resolutions to provide the highest accuracy results possible. The end result is searchable PDF files enabling critical research in a fraction of the time required in a hard copy manual environment.

Why spend countless hours reading and researching hundreds or sometimes thousands of pages when OCR technology can streamline efforts by 80%.


Data Transfer

We organize your converted records in a structure that optimizes your ability to quickly search, review and access critical files.


No Existing Records Software:

If you don’t have Records Management Software, we will provide one at NO EXTRA Cost. Every disc will have a small executable program that will enable users to search, view, fax, email, zoom-in, zoom-out, print and access thousands of records.


Selecting Records Software:

If you are in the process of implementing or selecting a Records Management Software, we will provide your converted records in Flat File and Flat Folder format so they will easily import into any selected system. We can also provide critical guidance and pricing information regarding leading industry EDMS (Electronic Document Management Systems).


Existing EDMS:

We convert thousands to millions of records for both small and large enterprises and within many software applications. We work closely with client technical staff and leading software companies to insure the seamless import of converted files.

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