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When a document is delivered to our processing facilities for restoration it is copied using a high resolution scanning system. The original is immediately placed into archival storage to prevent any additional damage that may occur from exposure to light or air.

Then, using state-of-the-art computer equipment the digital copy undergoes the process of restoration.

First, the contrast and brightness are adjusted to bring them to the original quality of an undamaged original. Next, the image is inspected under close magnification to reveal the signs of even the minutest damage such as scratches, tears, ink spots and damage from the elements and time. The damaged parts are retouched using the latest and most precise techniques.

After all signs of damage have been eliminated the image is resized and cropped according to customer’s specification and additional treatments such as colorization and text are applied.

Some of the many benefits of digital restoration include:

  • Preserve documents and photographs on CD / DVD

  • Restore valuable historical documents and photographs

  • Remove unwanted elements from documents and photographs

  • Archive and restore institutional records and documents

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