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Yard Signs

Announce It to the Neighborhood With a Yard Sign

12 x 18 Yard Signs

  • Print full-color yard signs for business and personal use

  • Lightweight and weatherproof 4mm. corrugated material

  • Optional h-wire stand available for easy assembly and lawn placement

12 x 24 Yard Signs

  • Print full-color logos, designs, and political slogans

  • Printed on weather-resistant 4mm corrugated plastic (coroplast)

  • Optional h-wire stand available to put up and take-down

Print Shop A DIgital Solutions DC Area

18 x 24 Yard Signs

  • Make rental, marketing, and political slogans in single or full-color

  • Printed on weatherproof 4mm corrugated plastic

  • Optional h-wire

Advertise big with Yard Signs

Whether you’re renting a property, advertising your business or promoting a political candidate, you can quickly spread the word around the neighborhood with a yard sign. Easily affordable and simple to put up, yard signs are the perfect solution for making a personal statement or for advertising your business on street corners, work-sites, festivals, and outdoor events. 

Standard lawn signs are available from aDigital Solutionsin 12”x18”, 12”x 24” and 18”x 24”. All our waterproof yard signs are made from sturdy 4mm corrugated plastic (coroplast) and available optional h-wire stands that easily slide into the corrugated flutes for quick assembly and take-down.

Yard signs are simple to order at aDigital Solutions ! It takes a matter of minutes to upload your full-color designs and purchase your yard signs. Plus, you can have them delivered in a super fast 3 day turnaround! Start yours today!

Lawn Signs – Features and Benefits:


  • Print with your full-color logos, designs and messages

  • Lightweight and weatherproof 4 mil corrugated plastic (coroplast)

  • Optional h-wire stand for easy assembly and lawn attachment

  • Available in standard 12”x18”, 12”x 24” and 18”x 24” sizes

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